New branch opens in Chester at Rivers Bend!

Congratulations to Bank of McKenney employees and guests for completing the Heartsavers CPR classes

These folks took time out of their busy personal lives to better themselves and learn the skills that may one day save you or your loved one’s life!

In testament to the importance of being trained and that it really can make a difference, we had a special guest speak to the class.  Sarah Zammett, Beth Honea’s sister, made a surprise visit to share her inspirational story. Sarah is a cardiac arrest survivor. Being a cardiac arrest survivor, puts her in a very small group of people.  She not only survived, but she also suffered no neurological damage  - and that puts her in an even smaller group!  She literally owes her life to two men at her church who performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Special thanks to our director, Harry Baird, who graciously gave his time to teach and  train the group.

  Bank of McKenney would like to recognize and thank the following:
  • Crystal Divers
  • Debbie Schrum
  • Beth Honea
  • Delaine Gordon
  • Kathy Cruz
  • Tommy Adams
  • Jim Dyson
  • Chastity Clary
  • Brett Clary (spouse)
  • Johanna Munford
  • Daerick Wilkerson
  • Vicky Heller
  • Carroll Cardwell (retired)