Personal Visa Check Card

VISA Check Card * Now in Real Time! 
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VISA Check Card FAQs

Q: Is my VISA check card a credit card?
A: No! Also known as a debit card, it’s an enhanced ATM card to which the VISA logo has been added. It can be used for payment of purchases anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, just like a credit card. The difference is you use your own checking account funds, just like a check.

Q: Where can I use my VISA check card?
A: You can use your card anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted – retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations and more. In fact, your card is welcome at over 15 million locations around the world. You can also use it at point-of-sale (POS) terminals at retailers that accept VISA debit cards or display the CIRRUS or PULSE network symbols. Plus, it gives you the convenience of a regular ATM card. Use it at any Bank of McKenney ATM and at thousands of CIRRUS and PULSE ATMS worldwide to get cash and conduct other banking transactions. It’s one powerful piece of plastic!

  • (2) Service-FREE transactions allowed at non-Bank of McKenney ATMs per month
  • Additional non-Bank of McKenney ATM transactions are permitted with a small usage fee per transaction after (2) a month

Q: How do I use my VISA check card?
A: When making a purchase, it’s as simple as using a credit card. Just present your card and sign a sales slip. The purchase amount will be deducted from the available funds (up to your card limit) in your Bank of McKenney checking account. At ATMs, use your VISA check card just as you would any ATM card.

Q: What are the benefits of using my VISA check card?
A: There are many, but most importantly...

  • It saves time – there’s no need to write checks or present identification.
  • It’s convenient – there’s no need to carry checks, credit cards or large amounts of cash. It works anywhere you see the VISA logo and it’s more readily accepted than out-of-state checks.
  • It saves money – there are no monthly or annual fees. And you don’t pay any credit card charges or transaction fees. Best of all, there are no credit card bills!

Q: Is shopping with my VISA check card easier and faster than paying by check?
A: Yes, because there’s no need to write a check, show identification and wait for approval. Just sign a sales slip, take your receipt and you’re on your way. (And having your VISA check card in your wallet means you won’t have to carry much cash!)

Q: How do I keep track of my purchases?
A: You will receive a receipt with each VISA check card purchase and ATM transaction. You should record each amount in your check register. Your Bank of McKenney monthly checking account statement will list all VISA check card purchases and ATM transactions.

Q: What accounts can I access?
A: VISA check card purchases will be deducted only from your primary Bank of McKenney checking account. You may add a second account to your card that may be accessed at an ATM.

Q: What about fees?
A: There are no fees when you make VISA check card purchases, or even when you use your card for a point-of-sale purchase which requires entering your Personal Identification Number. You can use your card with no charge at Bank of McKenney ATMs. Each month, you are allowed (2) Service-FREE transactions at non-Bank of McKenney ATMs. After the first two transactions, there is a small usage fee for using non-Bank of McKenney ATMs.

Q: Can both my spouse and I have our own VISA check card?
A: Certainly, as long as each of you qualify, fill out and sign your application.

Q: Can my VISA check card help streamline my financial record keeping?
A: Yes, having all your transactions appear on one statement makes it easier to keep track of spending. Be sure to record each transaction in your check register and compare them with the detailed activity shown on your monthly checking account statement.

Q: What if I need to return an item I purchased with my VISA check card?
A: Be sure to save your receipts in case you need to return an item. Returns must be handled directly with the merchant. Depending on the merchant’s policy, the return may be credited to your checking account or you may be given a cash refund or store credit.

Q: How can I use my VISA check card at point-of-sale (POS) terminals?
A: After you’ve swiped your card, press the payment option marked “CREDIT” and sign a receipt.

Q: Can I use my VISA check card right away?
A: To activate your card, please follow the instructions on the sticker affixed to your card.

Q: What are my card limits?
A: You have the following card limits:

  • You can withdraw up to $500 per day at any ATM
  • Your daily POS limit is $1,500 per day
  • Your VISA check card purchasing limit is $1,500 per day

Q: What should I do if I can’t remember my PIN or my magnetic strip becomes damaged?
A: Simply stop by any Bank of McKenney branch during normal business hours to order a new card. As a precaution, you should always be sure to place your card in your protective envelope so that the magnetic strip does not get marred or damaged. If you cannot remember your PIN, please stop by any branch location to request a new PIN.

Q: What if my card gets lost or stolen?
A: Notify Bank of McKenney immediately by calling one of our branch locations. During non-business hours, please call the lost/stolen card hotline at 1-800-528-2273. The use of your card will be discontinued and you will be instructed on how to order a new one. For more detailed information, please refer to your Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement.

Q: How can I get more information on my new VISA check card?
A: Stop by any Bank of McKenney location and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!