Wire Services

Bank of McKenney will only send or receive wire transfers for customers who have established a deposit or loan account with the bank.  Checks written for wire fees must be on Bank of McKenney accounts.  Bank of McKenney prefers to receive wires through Community Bankers Bank.  Please use the following instructions when initiating an incoming wire transfer:

Wire instructions
Wire to:   Community Bankers Bank
Routing Number:  051005106
Further Credit To: Bank of McKenney – Account # 051403931
Final Credit To: Receiving Customer Name and Account Number

Wire transfer cut-off times
Domestic Wires – 4:00 pm
International Wires – 1:00 pm

Wire transfer fees
$10.00 per transfer (incoming/outgoing) through Community Bankers Bank
$25.00 per transfer (incoming/outgoing) through Federal Reserve
$50.00 per transfer (incoming/outgoing) for International

For additional iformation contact your local bank representative.