Call Tele-Link at 804.469.5926

With Tele-Link, you can access information on your bank accounts or loans any time, day or night. It’s like having our Customer Service Department at your fingertips – 24 Hours A DAY!

With Tele-Link you can do the following:

  • Obtain balance or loan information (includes Checking; Savings; Time Deposits; Credit Lines; Personal, Business, and Real-Estate Loans)
  • Verify checks or debits paid
  • Verify deposits credited
  • Transfer funds between accounts - FREE
  • Obtain information on branch and ATM locations, hours, and phone numbers
  • Change your security code

What you’ll need:

  • A touch-tone phone
  • Your account number for each account you want to access
  • Contact your local branch for your temporary security code
  • After you access Tele-Link with your temporary security code, we encourage you to change your security code.

Tele-Link – Menu Options


1. Balance Inquiry or Loan Information

2. Verify Checks or Debits Paid

  • Last 5 Checks or Debits Paid
  • Specific Check Amount
  • Specific Check Number
  • Last 5 ATM Withdrawals

3. Verify Deposits Credited

  • Last 5 Deposits
  • Deposits of Specific Amount
  • Last 5 ACH Direct Deposits

4. Transfer Funds Between Accounts

5. Branch and ATM Locations, Hours, and Phone Numbers

6. Change Security Code

Things to remember

  • Your personal security code is required to obtain information about your account. Please have your account number ready.
  • Direct deposits become part of your available balance on the date received; you may verify the specific amount of the deposit on the following business day.
  • To transfer funds between accounts that do not have the same Primary Owner (SSN# or tax ID#), you will first need to complete a pre-authorized agreement with Bank of McKenney. If you have not yet completed this form, please contact our customer service department.